Go to try.enarx.dev

Since we were founded in June 2021, we at Profian have been working to bring Confidential Computing to the market in a new way. We believe it should be simple and quick to deploy applications in Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs), and that you shouldn’t need to worry about the underlying silicon platform, write to particular APIs, or even have to choose a specific language to program in. That’s why we chose Enarx, with its WebAssembly runtime and cross-platform support, as the basis of our offering.

Run your own applications

Today, we’re very proud to announce that you can deploy applications at the click of a button – and we’d like to invite you to try. All you need to do is to visit to try.enarx.dev, sign in with a GitHub account ID, and upload your own application, compiled as a Wasm (WebAssembly) file. If you have an application that you’d like to try, all you need to do is follow the instructions for one of the multiple languages for compiling to WebAssembly, and you’ll then have a Wasm binary that you can upload and run yourself in a Keep (a Keep is the Enarx-enabled TEE runtime). You can choose AMD SEV or Intel SGX: they provide the same user experience, due to the abstraction that Enarx provides.

There are a few restrictions on things like size (to protect our demo servers) and length of time (to protect the purpose of the demo), but if you hit any of these or have any other problems, please get in touch (easiest is via our Discord server) and we’ll talk about how to overcome them.

Run sample applications

Soon, we’ll be making it easier to run sample applications. On arriving at the page, you can immediately run a workload, and we’ll be adding more examples soon. These prepared applications will be pre-compiled to WebAssembly for you, to give you an idea of some of the workloads and applications that organizations actually want to deploy. They’ll be simple to start, and we’ll provide instructions on how to use them and interact with them.

Who is this for?

We’ve put this together to allow application developers who are writing workloads to try out Enarx in a real Keep. If you are creating applications in Rust, Go, C, C++, .Net, TypeScript, JavaScript, Ruby, Python or one of the many other programming languages which are compatible with WebAssembly, then we encourage you to give it a go. As we make more sample applications available, you won’t even need to create your own applications to start with – you can see how one looks and, as all the samples will be open source, you can use them as the starting point for your own applications.

If you’re a journalist, analyst or potential customer, and want more information, please get in touch via [email protected]

Why are we doing this?

The first reason we’re doing this is that we’re excited to share the progress of the Enarx project with the wider community and because we want to get more people involved in the work we’re doing. Until now, the steps needed by someone to get an application running in a TEE have been complex, and you’ve needed access to dedicated hardware. With this service, we’re letting you try Confidential Computing without that complexity and cost.

Beyond growing the community, we’re hoping for feedback so we can make improvements. We’re also interested in adding your open source applications to the samples we make available! Please get in touch if you have an application that you think would make a great example.