Improve business resilience with Confidential Computing by Profian Assure

Imagine if you could defend against risk AND improve overall business resilience without extra budget or headcount? One way to think about this is to maximize the value of any technology investments you make – including Confidential Computing.

Any security-led business case for Confidential Computing should include business resilience

Confidential Computing is cutting-edge technology that security teams are using to encrypt sensitive data in use, a known zero-day attack vulnerability.

Many IT security teams are making the case to include Confidential Computing as part of a Zero Trust strategy to lower the attack surface while also saving costs by moving more workloads to the cloud. In addition to these benefits, Confidential Computing with Profian Assure also helps improve business resilience by delivering a language-, cloud- and hardware-neutral solution.

Language independence increases value

Profian Assure, Profian’s flagship Confidential Computing solution, is built using WebAssembly (WASM). Historically, WASM has been a technology widely used in browsers and video gaming. Today, it’s being adapted as back-end technology to support many business use cases. It enables multiple languages, like RUST or C++, to compile into a WASM binary file and run virtually anywhere – from a Raspberry Pi to an IBM Mainframe.

This extreme portability translates to business resilience because failover from on premises to the cloud, or vice versa, does not need to take programming language into account. WASM becomes a strategic security asset, providing one file that can run anywhere.

Language neutrality with WASM lowers concentration of risk through hardware and cloud independence

WASM is an exciting technology that is fast becoming an industry standard for portable binaries, solving the “compile once, run anywhere” problem. What this means for the business user is the overall ability to lower the concentration of risk that often keeps regulators and the board asking questions.

Lowering concentration of risk requires failover plans that could range from moving workloads between cloud providers or between your own data center and a cloud provider. WASM-based applications are portable and can run on almost any hardware in any data center in the cloud or on prem. This portability creates seamless options that are useful for business resilience. Scenarios ranging from data center outages to tough contract negotiations become less of a vulnerability knowing your workloads can be easily and safely moved from one location to another.