Confidential Computing on Azure with Profian Assure

Take Azure to the next level with Confidential Computing layer of security

Azure Confidential Computing leverages the latest technologies like Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX), which come with hardware-based trusted execution environments (TEEs). These TEEs make it possible to encrypt data in use, a known IT security vulnerability.

Confidential Computing represents a paradigm shift that unlocks the cloud to several sectors that have data or applications which are sensitive and that operate within specific regulatory regimes such as GDPR, CCPA or HIPAA. It also increases the overall security in the cloud substantially so that all sectors can benefit from it.

Profian Assure for Azure enables you to easily build a complete Confidential Computing solution to separate your applications and data from other workloads running in the Azure data center. It also isolates your workloads from malicious or compromised applications, an Azure administrator or anyone who gains access to the servers.

Profian Assure for Azure provides cryptographic assurances about the security of a running application and represents a shift in how we can protect data and manage risk.

This animation explains how Profian Assure works: The Keep requests cryptographic proof of a secure environment from the Steward attestation service. Once proven, the Keep requests your data and workloads from the Drawbridge application repository into the Trusted Execution Environment on the host, protecting it from external tampering of any kind.

Benefits of Profian Assure for Azure

Easily set up, administer and attest your workloads in Confidential Computing environments

Separate code and data from other systems or administrators in the data center

Minimize the attack surface

Receive Profian signed third-party attestation certificates for regulatory compliance

Scale AI and ML processing. Upload encrypted data to a SGX enclave and perform algorithms on datasets from multiple sources without sacrificing security.

To see how to use Azure in a .NET environment, view demo below.

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