Profian Assure

A Solution for Data in Use

Profian Assure manages the risk of cloud computing by encrypting data in use.

The easy-to-deploy open source software platform helps organizations quickly set up safe, private environments inside a CPU once an attestation process has been executed. This provides the highest level of security to meet regulatory standards and build trust with your customers.


Profian Assure is an open source solution that easily sets up, attests and deploys application workloads to hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs) on any cloud or on-premises to enable the encryption of data in use.

Profian Assure provides a system of checks and balances between three separate underlying components: the Confidential Computing instance within the TEE, the attestation service, and the workload registry. It verifies the Confidential Computing instance has been correctly provisioned before applications and data are deployed for added assurance.

Why Profian Assure?

  • Protect customer data – and your reputation – by securing current cloud workloads
  • Save costs by safely moving more workloads to the cloud
  • Bring new products to market by collaborating anonymously with partners and competitors to combine and analyze big data
  • Avoid cloud provider lock-in with our single solution that supports any Confidential Computing environment on the market
  • Receive auditable attestation certificates to satisfy regulators
  • Move off legacy systems by leveraging the language mobility of WebAssembly

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