Hi, my name is Mike Bursell. I’m the CEO and co-founder of Enarx and Profian. Profian is a company based in the U.S., but I’m based in the U.K., near Cambridge. We currently have 8 people across 7 countries in 4 continents.

Profian is about providing proven security for the untrusted cloud. What does that mean? Well, it’s about using the Enarx project, which is an open source project on Confidential Computing, and providing services and products around that, targeted first at the financial sector, but we’ll be going more broadly assuming everything goes really well, and allowing you to take sensitive data, sensitive applications and run them on the cloud, or in the edge, or wherever you want, in ways you just couldn’t before because it wasn’t safe.

The success of cloud native computing over the last 5 years – that’s where we expect Confidential Computing going in the next 5 years from now. There is an open source community grown around not only the Enarx project but more broadly around Confidential Computing run by the Confidential Computing Consortium, which is part of the Linux Foundation.

What’s special about Profian specifically? Not only we are doing the cool stuff, but we are a very open culture. Think open, be open, be transparent. We do all of our development in the open. All of our code is in the open, on GitHub (you can look at it now). We believe that openness is important not only to the code we write but to the culture we are trying to promote. A bunch of us got kids, or family, or other commitments, and we take this very seriously, so it’s absolutely family-first. We think taking time is important.

We got some very senior folks, and some more junior folks, and we are looking across that as well. So we got people who could mentor you in. But, on the other hand, if you are looking into really take the top of your game and make the most of it, there are some really good opportunities. There are some really difficult, really interesting stuff we are doing at the moment.

We got 5 million dollars of seed fund, which is really fantastic, since September. We are going to absolutely concentrate on building out that technical team and then moving to sales and marketing – but for now: core technical team.

What are we looking for? What would you have, that we want? Basically you are going to be coming from a low level system background. We don’t care if you know about Confidential Computing. If you have a bit of security background, that’s great. But believe me, you’ll learn it – it’s what we think, what we do all the time.

Let me list some of the stuff we are doing: Rust, Git, GitHub (everything we do is open source), WebAssembly, distributed systems, low level syscall management, cryptographic protocols, attestation. There is a whole bunch of stuff there to get get your teeth into.

If you are interested in those things, we want to talk to you. Gerald is the guy who can tell you more about what we are doing. Get in touch with him, and find out all the stuff that you need.