WebAssembly (or Wasm) is an exciting technology for deploying highly secure, performant, and portable code. It was first showcased 5 years ago, and has received support from all major Web browsers since then, as well as making inroads into the Cloud, IoT, and the Edge.

It’s an open standard driven by the World Wide Web Consortium, and whose development is being spearheaded by organizations like the ByteCode Alliance and the Cloud Native Computing Foundation from the Linux Foundation.

WebAssembly is approaching a critical turning point, with important pieces coming together, especially with the advancement of the WebAssembly System Interface (WASI), which provides applications with access to the filesystem, networking, and other key interfaces. This will enable a whole new set of applications to emerge, and will reshape how applications get built and deployed.

Profian believes in growing the WebAssembly ecosystem, and we have so far contributed in many ways.

Nathaniel McCallum, one of the co-founders of Profian, has played an important role in the founding of the Bytecode Alliance, and one of the first actions taken at the company was to have Profian join the Bytecode Alliance as a sponsor.

Our very first release of the Enarx project featured the adoption of wasmtime as a WebAssembly runtime, so to make it possible to deploy Wasm applications within TEEs (Trusted Execution Environments).

For our second release of Enarx, our team has contributed upstream with the implementation of sock_accept() as part of WASI, as well as with a Wasm server using the Rust mio framework.

We have also received and mentored many community members as part of the Confidential Computing Fellowship, and the Enarx mentees have contributed with a multitude of WebAssembly demos and tutorials.

Additionally, the Enarx team has participated at several conferences like FOSDEM, Open Source Summit, and RSA Conference to promote WebAssembly, and we look forward to sponsoring our first events as a company, like the upcoming Cloud Native Wasm Day, co-hosted with KubeCon + CloudNativeCon.

Finally, Profian is delighted to join Wasm.Builders as a founding member, together with Suborbital, Fermyon, Cosmonic, Lunatic, and Microsoft. Wasm.Builders is a group made up of WebAssembly enthusiasts interested in sharing knowledge and showcasing cutting-edge Wasm applications.

Our goal is to connect with like-minded individuals, companies, open source projects, and organizations to grow the WebAssembly ecosystem, to explore the limits of wasm-native applications, and to work together with the community to build the next wave of Cloud Computing!